Why does Putin hide his poop from the world?

Why does Putin hide his poop from the world?

A former DIA intelligence officer has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin hides his poop from the world to conceal his health issues.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (AP)

Where do Putin’s poop and pee go? In a specially made suitcase carried around by his bodyguards.

A recent report has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fear of divulging too much about his health and conditions has pushed him to even hide his faeces from the world.

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According to a recent report by Fox News Digital, Rebekah Koffler, president of Doctrine & Strategy Consulting and a former DIA intelligence officer said: “Putin fears the possibility of any information about his health getting into the hands of foreign intelligence services.”

“He wants to project the image that he will be ruling Russia indefinitely in order to deter any chaos associated with a change of power,” said the author of the book, ‘Putin’s Playbook’.

A report by French weekly news magazine Paris Match revealed that a special officer of the Federal Guard Service handles the suitcase, which contains Putin’s faecal matter and urine collected during his trips. The suitcase is then returned to Moscow.

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Koffler said: “While there is much speculation about Putin’s having a terminal illness, the intelligence about his health is inconclusive. Short of a terminal illness, Putin will likely be Russia’s president at least through 2024 and possibly through 2036, given that his popularity has skyrocketed after the invasion of Ukraine.”

Various reports about Putin’s ill health — from blood cancer and diminishing eye problems to psychological illness — have been doing rounds of late. The reports come amid Russia trudging on to try and gain entry to Ukraine’s capital Kyiv since its invasion of the neighbouring country on February 24.

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