Why Black Americans are leaving Biden in droves

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It should come as no surprise that black Americans are ditching the Biden administration in droves. The recent exodus of 21 black staffers, which has been dubbed “Blaxit,” should be a warning sign to Democrats that instead of playing the race card, they should tackle the issues that actually matter to black Americans – starting with inflation and crime.  

Contrary to the spin coming out of the White House, the departure of 21 black staffers – with more expected in the coming weeks – is not something that can just be brushed off as a coincidence or a normal part of the political cycle. The fact that the White House is trying to treat this as being inconsequential just underscores the root of the problem – the Biden administration is happy to have black votes on Election Day, but doesn’t actually care about our interests.  

The same pattern plays out again and again. Team Biden is presented with evidence of an impending catastrophe that is likely to devastate the black community, and they either scoff at the idea that it’s a problem, or attempt to shift the blame onto someone else.  


When prices first started rising at the gas pump and in grocery stores, President Joe Biden and his advisers insisted that inflation would be a “transitory” phenomenon – nothing to worry about. Now that inflation has been at a 40-year high for several months in a row, and working families are struggling to fill their tanks and put food on the table, they’re trying to convince us that the real culprit is not their own reckless policies, but COVID-related supply chain issues and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  

A caricature sticker of President Joe Biden pointing to high gas prices on a gasoline pump is visible in Lafayette, California, November 9, 2021. Photo courtesy Sftm. (Photo by Gado/Getty Images)
(Gado/Getty Images)

A similar story is playing out with the critical shortage of baby formula, which is now starting to put vulnerable children in the hospital with malnutrition. Black mothers rely more heavily on baby formula than white mothers, and low-income families are being disproportionately harmed by the ongoing formula shortage. Biden doesn’t seem to care. All he’s done is put band-aids on the problem, hoping to convince the American public that his administration has things under control, even as the shelves remain barren and desperate parents travel for hours in search of the food their children need to survive.  

And then, of course, there’s the ongoing epidemic of violent crime that is devastating America’s cities. For a year and a half, the Biden administration has ignored the problem. Sure, they’re happy to politicize a tragedy such as a school shooting in order to push their gun-control agenda, but where are they when Blacks are being routinely gunned down in the inner cities? Over Memorial Day weekend, there were at least 14 mass shootings across the country, and more than 50 people were shot in Chicago alone.  

Biden loves to talk about “white supremacy” as a bogeyman, but the vast majority of the violence being inflicted on black Americans has nothing to do with white supremacy, and everything to do with his own party’s failed soft-on-crime policies.  


I speak from personal experience on this subject. Over 30 years ago, I lost my right leg as the result of a gunshot wound. Some of the people I work with have had similar experiences. Instead of putting our trust in self-interested politicians like Biden, we dedicated ourselves to actually doing something to make life better for our fellow Americans.   

Instead of trying to drive God out of our society, we embrace Christian messages of love, empathy, and understanding. Instead of making people dependent on government handouts to live, we help them become self-sufficient so they can provide for themselves and their families. Instead of viewing the Constitution as outdated or anachronistic, we recognize that it provides the blueprint for the greatest form of government that has ever existed.  


Biden doesn’t understand any of that, and that’s part of the reason why he’s so out of touch with the needs and concerns of black Americans. It’s no surprise to me that there has been a “Blaxit” from Biden’s administration – he refuses to acknowledge reality, and therefore he has no hope of fixing any of the problems that are affecting black Americans. I wouldn’t want to be associated with his administration, either.  

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