We must speak up to save our the Founding Fathers from the woke left

We must speak up to save our the Founding Fathers from the woke left

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Our shared American history is being taken away from us by activists from the left. There are no greater examples of this than the increasing attacks upon our Founding Fathers and the heroes of 1776.  

The left has declared war upon the heroes who sacrificed all to establish the greatest nation on the face of the earth. And make no mistake, the left is winning this war. 

December 16 was the 250th anniversary of the famed “Boston Tea Party.”  


A “revolutionary” protest which came about after the British Crown passed the “Tea Act” in 1773. Tensions between the colonists and the crown were already quite high because of the Boston Massacre which took place in March 1770 as well as other oppressive acts enacted against the colonies. The Tea Act escalated them.  

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. (AP Photo)

The act granted the British East India Company an unfair and onerous monopoly on tea sales in the colonies. It was intended to bail out the financially failing company, whose failure would have upset the entire British economy. 

The colonists resisted the Tea Act for two reasons. First, because it violated the constitutional principle of self-government by consent. Next, because they simply could not afford the tax. As George Washington explained, “What is it we are contending against? Is it against paying the duty of [three pence per pound] on tea because [it is] burdensome? No, it is the right only . . . that, as Englishmen, we could not be deprived of this essential and valuable part of our constitution.” 

John Adams, already a legendary figure in 1773 who would go on to become the second president of the United States, said of the Boston Tea Party protest: “There is a Dignity, a Majesty, a Sublimity, in this the last Effort of the Patriots, that I greatly admire. I can’t but consider it as an Epocha in History.” 

It was an “epocha” in our American history. One that put the colonies firmly on the road to revolution against the crown. 

It was a critical part of our shared American history, which some on the left are now trying to frame in a racist context while openly suggesting the patriots who took part in the protest in 1773 were “terrorists.”  

In 2022, I authored a book titled: “The 56 – Liberty Lessons from those who risked all to sign The Declaration of Independence.” The only reason I wrote that book was to warn that far-left activists were seeking to cancel our Founding Fathers, the 4th of July, and even the American flag, and that we had to speak up to honor those men, their genius, and their tremendous sacrifice.  

Sadly, since that book came out, the attacks from the left have only intensified. With regard to the Boston Tea Party, a recent column in The Washington Post asked,”Was the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism?”  

It offered this description of the patriots involved in that protest: 

Washington Farwel

George Washington’s Farewell Address inspired the nation for generations, including during the Civil War. Sheet music cover image of the song ‘the Last Words of Washington Song “Washington’s Farewell Address will be found on the last page of this Song,”‘ with original authorship notes reading ‘Written by Geo P Morris, Esq; Composed by JR Thomas’, United States, 1862. (Photo by Sheridan Libraries/Levy/Gado/Getty Images)

“A horde of White men disguised themselves as Native Americans — coppering their faces and donning headdresses in the same tradition that would lead to blackfaced minstrel shows decades later — to commit seditious conspiracy and destroy private property…” 

This attack is atop those that call Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other Founding Fathers “white supremacists.” After the names of Washington, Jefferson, and others are literally sandblasted off buildings. After the historic Monticello and Montpelier homes of Jefferson and Madison, respectively, were “reimagined” into woke narratives. 


The woke left – which has successfully infiltrated the media, academia, entertainment, science and medicine – intends to cancel our Founding Fathers and to reimagine and rewrite our shared American history.  

As I have said in the past, if our history is bad, let us condemn it and learn from it. If it is good, let us praise it and build upon it. But let us never cancel our shared American history. 

Canceling history is an act of totalitarian regimes. 

We can and must fight back against these increasing attacks upon our Founding Fathers and our shared history. Like the ultimately victorious but outmatched and outnumbered continental army of 1776, we can prevail against the army of the woke left. 


In some real ways, we must fight the war of 1776 all over again. Not only to stop the self-destructive, nation-destroying dictates of the woke left, but to preserve the history, the memories and the genius of the men who bequeathed us all the United States of America.  

Start your own “Committee of Correspondence,” spread the word, and save our shared American history from the oppressive and totalitarian left. Time is not on our side.  


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