Vivek Ramaswamy: Americans’ investment accounts are being ‘weaponized’ to support woke politics

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Author of “Nation of Victims” Vivek Ramaswamy shared his upcoming campaign to promote American energy independence and hold asset management firms accountable for where they invest money. On “Fox & Friends” Friday, Ramaswamy detailed how Americans’ pension and retirement investments are often used by major companies to fund the green energy transition and other “woke” goals. 


VIVEK RAMASWAMY: Americans know that they’re paying $5 for gas at the pump on average nationally right now. What most of them don’t know is that their investment accounts are being weaponized to actually create that result, because what the world’s largest asset managers are doing, starting with BlackRock, the biggest one, and you’ll notice in that video there’s a hand pushing a black rock up a hill. What happens is that they’re using the money of everyday citizens to show up as the largest shareholders at companies like Exxon, at the U.S. energy companies across the natural gas sectors and the oil sectors and to tell them to produce less. Why? To prepare for a green energy transition, but in ways that most people whose money they’re investing would not want to actually see happen. So that’s a big abuse of the everyday citizens of this country in their investment accounts. That’s the first step in educating the American people on how we are actually empowered to drive this change, not just through the votes we cast every November, but through the votes we cast every day with where we invest our dollars.


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