Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys: Unraveling the legendary rivalry

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys: Unraveling the legendary rivalry

The storied rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys stands as an emblem of football history, etching its place as one of the NFL’s most intense and enduring clashes.

From its roots in the 1960s, this rivalry has evolved into a fierce contest of gridiron prowess, dramatic showdowns, pivotal moments, and a passionate following that fuels the fire of this legendary feud. 

Dive into the history, moments of glory, and the fervent emotions fueling this iconic rivalry between two titans of the NFC East, defining an era of NFL football.


What is the rivalry between Eagles and Cowboys?

The rivalry started in the ’60s when both teams were ascending forces in the NFL’s Eastern Division. Their battles for divisional dominance laid the foundation for a rivalry that would transcend eras. The intensity heightened as both franchises secured championships, fueling the rivalry between the cities of Philadelphia and Dallas.

Throughout the years, the Eagles and Cowboys have engaged in showdowns that have left an indelible mark on the NFL. Games filled with dramatic comebacks, game-winning plays, and controversial moments have etched this rivalry into football history. Notable clashes like the “Bounty Bowl” and “Miracle at the Meadowlands” series have become legendary chapters in their ongoing saga.

Are the Cowboys and Eagles in the same division?

Yes, both the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles are members of the NFC East division in the National Football League, which also includes the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants. These teams regularly compete against each other throughout the NFL season as division rivals.

Do the Eagles and Cowboys fans like each other? 

The fans’ interactions can range from spirited banter to intense hostility, making it one of the NFL’s most heated rivalries. While some fans may maintain a good-natured rivalry, the overall sentiment tends to lean toward a competitive and spirited disliking of each other’s teams. 

Eagles fans, renowned for their support and infamous for their passion, bring an unparalleled energy to every Eagles-Cowboys encounter. Meanwhile, Cowboys fans are seen as faithful, bolstered by their team’s illustrious history. The fans embrace the showdowns with equal enthusiasm, creating a charged atmosphere both on and off the field.

Have the Cowboys ever won against Eagles?

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys have won against the Philadelphia Eagles multiple times throughout their history. When the Cowboys emerge victorious against the Eagles, it’s not just a win; it’s a testament to their strength, strategy and determination. Each triumph adds another chapter to their historic matchups, fueling the passion of fans and leaving a mark on the NFL’s legacy. 

How many Super Bowls have the Eagles won?

The Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl once in their franchise history. Their victory came in Super Bowl LII (52) when they defeated the New England Patriots with a score of 41-33, earning the championship in the 2017 NFL season.

Where can I watch Cowboys vs Eagles?

You can watch the Cowboys vs. Eagles game on various platforms depending on your location and access to TV networks. In the United States, NFL games are typically broadcasted on networks like FOX, NBC, CBS, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Streaming services such as NFL Game Pass, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and fuboTV also offer live streaming of NFL games. 


The Eagles vs. Cowboys rivalry isn’t just about wins and losses; it’s a story told with decades of tradition, intensity and the urge to win. This rivalry transcends generations, and has etched its place as one of the NFL’s most timeless conflicts.

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