Chris Christie on ‘Kilmeade Show’: The person to blame for inflation is Joe Biden, not Putin

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Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticized President Biden for shifting blame and failing to address the crippling inflation hurting Americans “of every economic level.” On “The Brian Kilmeade Show” Wednesday, Christie outlined the role the Biden administration has played in increasing inflation and the growing likelihood of a recession.


CHRIS CHRISTIE: This is a guy who is clueless. He is clueless about what to do with the gas price problem in the country. It’s very easy to fix this. If you allowed and gave certainty to the oil companies that you were not going to pull their permits, that you were going to allow them to execute on their leases and do so right away, they would invest in the infrastructure and ramp up production here in the United States, in places like North Dakota, in places like Texas, in places like Alaska. They would do it. But the problem is this administration has made it clear that they want to wage a war against fossil fuels in this country. And the result of that war is us paying $6 a gallon for gasoline. 

And I could just tell you that Joe Biden is strangling this industry and doing it on purpose because he is paying homage to the far left wing of his party and the radical environmentalists who think somehow we’re going to be able to get ourselves out of this problem with electric cars and solar energy. And that’s not going to happen.

I think what you are going to see here is all across the country, folks of every economic level are being impacted by what’s happening, the incredible increase of prices all across the board in everything. It’s not just gas. He tries to focus it as being just on gas, but we know going to the supermarket is significantly more expensive than it used to be. And everything else that you want to try to buy in this country is significantly more. … And this president sits around and tries to blame that on Vladimir Putin. The person to blame is Joe Biden. His radical spending caused this inflation and that inflation is now forcing the Fed to raise interest rates. And those higher interest rates are going to cause a recession.


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