Boris Johnson to remain UK PM, wins no-trust vote over partygate scandal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won a no-confidence vote in the Parliament. The no-confidence vote was moved by the conservative party which PM Johnson leads after the Partygate scandal.

File photo of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won the no-confidence vote by 211 to 148 votes. A total of 359 votes were cast, of which 211 MPs expressed confidence in PM Johnson, who has been rocked by rising inflation and the partygate scandal.

Boris Johnson faced the most daunting test of his prime ministership as he faced a no-confidence vote on June 6, Monday. Over 40 Conservative Party MPs (Boris Johnson’s own partymen) had demanded that PM Johnson resign after he and his staff members held parties at 10 Downing Street during Covid lockdowns.

The scandal known as ‘partygate‘ mounted pressure on PM Johnson even during his India visit.

As the criticism over the partygate scandal continued, as many as 54 MPs from the Conservative Party sought his resignation. With this, the 15 per cent requirement for a trust vote was met, and a ballot was held to decide PM Johnson’s future.

To survive the no-confidence vote, Johnson needed the support of 180 Conservative MPs. British parliament has a total of 359 MPs in the House of Commons, or the lower house.

Ahead of the crucial vote, PM Johnson addressed dozens of Conservative lawmakers in a House of Commons room on Monday as he tried to shore up support.

“I will lead you to victory again,” he was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

However, the partygate scandal has brought to the fore the deep Conservative divisions, less than three years after Boris Johnson led the party to its biggest election victory in decades.

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