Guy Benson calls on agents to step in front of cameras if January 6 committee wants to get to the truth

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Fox News contributor Guy Benson cautioned that the Secret Service agents that were allegedly present need to come in front of the cameras and testify if the January 6 committee wants to get to the truth.

GUY BENSON: I think that that is definitely part of the agenda of this committee. I think a lot of what was so objectionable about January 6th was readily apparent on January 6 for the entire country to see. And I think what was very bad back then with the facts being bad for President Trump are still very bad facts for President Trump today. I think we learned some new things during this committee. I wouldn’t say the whole thing is illegitimate, but clearly when it’s so one-sided and part of that’s Republicans own fault, their own decisions that they made in this process. I think it is fair to question how they come at certain issues, whether or not we are getting toward this public view of some perhaps countervailing information. 


Apparently, the agents allegedly involved in this limo situation have spoken to the committee. If they are going to contradict what the young woman said yesterday, let them come and do it in front of the cameras for the whole country to see if this committee truly wants to get to the truth. The full picture of what happened that day, which I think most Americans would be interested in, they have to not just hear information, but actually present to the country information publicly that may cut in either direction. Good for Trump. Bad for Trump. It shouldn’t matter. Let’s see what actually happened. 


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